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Originally known first as Cobra Trikes and then Ecstasy, we introduced the Renegade name in 1998 because of trademark issues.  There were 5 models (CS3, RS3, RS3 Sport, RS5 and XT) prior to the introduction of our newest full sized model, the XTL.  The XTL was introduce in June of 2014.  It has our first fiberglass body which contains the rear body styling of a '37 coupe, complete with rumble seats!

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We also offer trike rentals if you are in the local area.  Stop by to inquire about renting one of the beauties for a day, weekend, week or month!

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  • Our drifter style trike, the Rebel, is completed and we are now taking orders.  Starting at $2,395.00, it is fun for all ages!  The Rebel differs from other drifter style trikes in that they are larger and have more versatile uses such as campgrounds, yards, obstacle course racing and more. It is designed for maximum thrills and cornering.

  • We have another Rebel model being introduce at the end of February… the Rebel 2.  It is a 2 seater model (or one seat with carrier basket) designed for yard work, farm transportation, campgrounds, etc.  It will come with an optional Wilderness Package that has brush guards, more aggressive tires, optional gun carrier and a few other things.  This model will start at $2,950.00 with larger engine options and a Continually Variable Transmission option coming in the very near future.

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Visit us in Clarksville, IN today. We're open from Monday to Thursday - 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. In case you prefer visiting us during the weekends, we're open for you on Friday and Saturday with a prior appointment.

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