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Built From the Ground Up
Renegade Trike Corp. produces a manufactured, “from the ground up” trike which has been built since January of 1982 (excluding some of the earlier prototypes). The company first became known as Cobra Trikes which it remained until the mid 90’s. At that time, the name was changed to Ecstasy because of the inability to acquire a copyright on the Cobra name. Under the Ecstasy branding, the Renegade line was formed in the late 1990’s. The company was reorganized in 2007 making Renegade Trike Corp. the manufacturing arm of the Ecstasy Renegade.

2008 - New Trikes, Same Quality
In 2008, a complete restructuring of the company occurred. In the process several design changes were made, the number of options increased and quality control was given a renewed focus. The previous dealership program was phased out in order to renew control of customer service and revise the requirements, structure and benefits for future dealers.

While Renegade owners are generally the company’s best sales people, the company decided it was time to give them a reason to be even prouder of their brand. In addition to the quality and customer service focusing, several new options became available. Everything from electrical to suspension, from paint to upholstery, and from braking to differential was revised. This added not only to the list of standard features, but also some exciting new options and an even more customized feel to each unit produced.

Trike Tryouts
In the mid 2000’s Renegade Trike Corp. became one of the first companies to offer trike rentals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Not only is it a great way to take a vacation, it’s also a great way to take a trike for an extended, unsupervised test ride!

We appreciate our customers and consider them part of our corporate family. Our focus is on producing one of the most unique trikes on the market. Besides their appearance and practical applications, that “uniqueness” includes superb handling & safety characteristics, amazing impact protection, unsurpassed reliability & durability, extreme ease of operation, great acceleration, significant towing capacities, enormous storage areas, unmatched seating capacity and all-weather protection if desired. These characteristics, along with the automatic transmission and the individual adaptability of the trike, make it an ideal selection for people with special needs as well.

Come Visit Us!
We welcome you to call and arrange for a test ride at our manufacturing/sales facility. While here, you may also want to tour the shop and see the construction process in person. But whether you just visit, purchase “new” or “pre-owned” off the showroom floor, or have a unit built specifically for you, we’re confident you’ll find it to be an enjoyable and enlightening experience. We look forward to hearing from you.
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