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These rail trailers are perfect for towing with your Renegade Trike aboard. Whether it is behind an RV, a pickup, or a car, these trailers are easy to pull. Further, for those pulling with RVs, when you get to that stopping point, much of the trailer is low enough to store under the RV. Here are some of the trailer's features:

  • Easy Load: Low-riding trailer has ramps wide enough to drive onto with ease, and the center ramp is designed to keep the front tire from sliding off.

  • Self-Contained Ramps: Ramps are built into the trailer, and because of the way the trailer is made, the ramps are not too steep.

  • Built-In Tie-Down System: This system helps make the tow secure and safe.

  • Low Profile: Makes trailer stable and easy to tow.

  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty by Master Tow.

  • More: 14" rims and a low profile

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